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North America
Coach of 31 Olympic athletes and co-founder of Nike Bill Bowerman wrote and published his book “Jogging” in 1966 in the United States, which became a huge success. He was...
Amazone Rainforest South America
South America
The most famous running culture in South America, the Rarámuri (“the running people”) can be found in the remote depths of Mexico’s Copper Canyons. For ages they ran to deliver...
Europe has a lot to offer. Not only a wide variety of beautiful landscapes, history and cultures, but also a healthy environment: Perhaps the world’s healthiest diet, the Mediterranean diet is abundant...
safari-elephants Africa
Since the 1968 Olympics, men and women from Kenya and Ethiopia have dominated the 26.2-mile marathon. Ethiopia’s iconic runner Haile Gebrselassie said “Anything is possible”. Running indeed paved the road for...
Great Wall China
The running culture in Asia is booming and it’s amazing how many races are held but also their locations.You can even run on the Great Wall in China. In Japan...
There are six major indigenous groups in Oceania: Aboriginal Australians, Papuans, Austronesians, Melanesians, Micronesians, and Polynesians, based on the island cluster on which each group lives.Oceania is the smallest continent...
Although permanent living on Antarctica is impossible and maybe not attractive either, this ice-covered landmass can be travelled and run.Several expeditions and even races have been organized on the southernmost...
The 4 Deserts endurance footrace series covers the Atacama Crossing in Chile, the Gobi March in China, the Sahara Race in Egypt and The Last Desert in Antarctica. Each desert is unique,...

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