Nothing New for a Year

Nothing New for a Year - Dan Lawson
Nothing New for a Year
Founder: Dan Lawson

A Facebook group hosted by Dan Lawson from the UK and Mick Thwaites in Australia
The page says:
“By joining this group you agree to share your efforts at buying no new sports clothes for a year.

Think of it like a support group where you can let us know tips, successes and failures on your #nothingnewforayear journey.

300,000 tonnes of clothing are thrown away each year. 100 million barrels of oil are pulled from our Earth each day to meet consumers’ supposed demands.

We at ReRun believe that we need to stop this craziness! There are many ways we can become more sustainable and cutting down on our consumer habits is one of them. No shaming here… just love and support and togetherness.

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