Photo credits: Rhodos Marathon, Greece

Hi, I’m Merlijn, but you can call me Mel:-)
I love to run, travel and challenge myself; here you can read a bit more about my adventures.

One day I felt the impact of air pollution on my breath during running, and I decided to do something about it.
But I realized I could do so much more by connecting my efforts with those of other runners.

Trail Runners Connection gives runners around the world a voice to vote for a better planet.

To be able to run and enjoy nature, we need fresh air to breathe, healthy food to eat and clean water to drink.

To run in freedom and safety we need to care for the world we share, and take care of  each other and ourselves.

To better the future we need to treasure culture and history.

We can run for what we stand for and inspire others along the way.  
Let’s vote with our feet for a clean, happy, healthy world!



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