Trans-Rift Trail

rift valley-kenya

The Trans Rift Trails is a 140km route that connects a network of footpaths across the most scenic part of the African Rift Valley across the basin floor, from ridge to ridge.

Also known as ‘The Old African Highways’ the initiative is set to open up villages and draw more tourists to this scenic less-explored natural area.

Through United Nations Development’s (UNDP) Small Grants Programme, the project has been granted funds to develop the age-old natural trails as well as promote active adventure tourism while supporting environmental conservation and boosting tourism in rural neighborhoods.

The trans-rift trails in the North Rift starts from Chororget at Elgeiyo escarpment down to Sego and Kapkelelwe in Kerio Valley, Sacho, Tugen Hills through to Radad, Majimoto, Nyalilpuch near Lake Bogoria and ends at Mochongoi near Laikipia Plateau.

“I see it like a walk back in time,” says trail founder William Kimosop. “This part of the valley is often called the cradle of mankind, but it was also a magnet for a lot of the great 19th-century explorers, the early pioneers; people like Joseph Thomson, James Hannington and Count Samuel Teleki. They all came here. So you’ll be following in their footsteps too.”

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