Impact Marathon Series

Impact Marathon Series
Founder: Nick Kershaw

With Impact Marathon Series founder Nick Kershaw brings almost intangible huge goals like no poverty, good health, equality and well-being to life, by showing participants what these things really mean on grassroots level.

Impact Marathon Series is set up specifically to tackle the 17 Global Goals, announced by the United Nations in 2015 to secure the future of the planet. Each race takes on the 3 of the Global Goals that are most pertinent in the community where the marathon takes place. You, the runner, then get to pick from those three Goals the one which fires you up.

You will then spend time visiting and volunteering with the organizations tackling your chosen Global Goal in the week prior to race day. You will you not only run for but also run beside these same people as the community joins you to celebrate the power of running to unite, heal and build.

In 15 years time, we will have fully measured our impact on each of the Global Goals – what has the power of running contributed to their success? What have you contributed to their success?

In our 1st year we took on the challenge of building a 5km water pipeline in our Nepali village, before running a race on the Saturday …it changed lives forever.

Since then we have run races in Malawi, Kenya and Guatemala, each one now at least their second year of existence.
The Impact? $1m+ raised for grassroots organizations.
Over 350 Impact Runners have taken on the Impact Week experience, many of whom are already on their 2nd & 3rd races with us.

So, what makes an Impact Marathon so special?
It’s that combination of traveling to an extraordinary location, engaging in community projects that are led by the community and set to catalyze huge change whilst also knowing that you are going to be running a race that will challenge you to dig deeper than you have ever dug.

But the glue that brings all this together is the incredible groups of Impact Runners that we have the privilege to host. When a group of positive, energized humans come together with a common purpose, not only do we achieve great things but we make great friends. We arrive as a whole load of individuals, and we finish the week as one tight community who have gone on a powerful journey together.
You come for the running, you return for the people.

During a week you run, connect and work in a local community in Nepal, Kenya, Malawi or Guatemala.
You’ll work for a project, connect with locals, build friendships for life and challenge themselves.
“Your contribution through Impact Marathon can take many guises. You can run, walk, volunteer, donate – it doesn’t matter, just be inspired to take action this year,” Nick says.

“We can’t choose if we leave an impact in the world. But we can choose what that Impact is.

Our dream with the entire Impact experience is to empower runners, to show them the power they have, as an individual and as a collective, to touch lives, uplift communities and change the world.”

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