Greg Nance 

Greg Nance
Nationality: USA

As a kid Greg spent lots of his family life outdoors.  Greg has run over 11 big ultra challenges all over the world, including the Atacama Crossing with his dad.
 He survived a Mont Blanc snowstorm and went beyond limits during the World Marathon Challenge, where he completed 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents.

He talks about living and running a business as a young entrepreneur in Asia, training in polluted air, preparing for multi-day races, building a training routine, the importance of sleep, rest and recovery, and small habits.

Greg is co-founder of Moneythink, a not-for-profit that empowers under-resourced students to achieve college success, and he runs to spread his mission to break down the financial barriers to college.

“I love taking on epic challenges to inspire students around the world to dream bigger and keep working hard to make it happen.

I was only able to attend my dream schools, UChicago and Cambridge, with the help of scholarships. I’m on a mission to pay it forward by running the world’s toughest footraces to help students overcome the financial barriers to college.”

When Greg took part in the World Marathon Challenge in January 2019, he became really sick on the second day. Nevertheless he managed to finish all 7 marathons.

As he says “There is always a next step. There is always a path forward. And the biggest obstacles are opportunities.”

On May 25th 2019 Greg attempted to set the Fastest Known Time running between Shanghai’s two airports: Hongqiao and Pudong.
It’s a 33-mile (53KM) run across urban jungle – 3x longer than the distance between NYC’s LaGuardia and JFK – to traverse this sprawling city of 24 million.
“It wasn’t pretty, but got it done! New Fastest Known Time running across Shanghai is 5 hours 46 minutes.”

“On August 9th, I’ll run The Bigfoot 200, a 206-mile (332KM) lap around Mount St. Helens and the surrounding Cascade wilderness ??
Bigfoot requires over 42,000ft (12,800M) of climbing and takes runners thru dried lava fields, rain forest, river crossings, and over several mountain passes.
Bigfoot 200 will be real tough and I’m in it to win it!”


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