Image by svklimkin from Pixabay
Every Drop Counts
Together, we have done some incredible things for our people and planet: 🐠 Runners and walkers from more than 180 countries signed up for the...
park run
Parkrun is a simple concept: turn up every Saturday and walk, jog or run 5k, or if you’re a junior then 2k every Sunday. Everyone...
World Runners Association
As the international governing body for the sport of multi-day journey running, particularly in regard to circumnavigating the Earth on foot, the World Runners Association...
Nothing New for a Year - Dan Lawson
Nothing New for a Year
A Facebook group hosted by Dan Lawson from the UK and Mick Thwaites in AustraliaThe page says:“By joining this group you agree to share your...
Athletic and Cultural Club Athenian Runners (ATHINAIOI DROMEIS)
The Authentic Phidippides Run, one of the most extreme and demanding races in Greece celebrates Pheidippides’ heroic run from Athens to Sparta within 36 hours back...
Footsteps to Inspire_ SingaporeRun_photo by Rock Runners
Footsteps to Inspire
Hi, I’m Claire and I’m running over 3500km in 230 countries to peacefully end sexual violence. 53 countries already. Come & Run with me! Claire...


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