LEJOG World Record Dan Lawson 

Dan Lawson LeJog WR 2020
Dan Lawson
August 6, 2020
Lands End, UK
August 16, 2020
John O'Groats, UK

On the 6th of August ReRun founder Dan Lawson set off on his challenge to run from Lands End to John O’Groats, a total of 835 miles in under 10 days. This is not the first time he has attempted this. Two years ago Dan reached 620 miles before stopping.

With his Word Record Attempt Dan was raising awareness for Rerun Clothing, a social enterprise that extends the life of preloved running clothes and equipment through repurposing.
At the heart of ReRun is reducing waste. As a community, by buying pre-loved sportswear we are having maximum impact in this area of sustainability as the most sustainable piece of clothing is the one that already exists.

Throughout the 10 days that Dan was running people were invited to join in the Action of SHOP STOP. This is where you only spend on absolutely essential items.
During this time, each day, Dan’s podcast looked at ways we can change our spending habits sustainably and regeneratively.

The power and ability to effect change by directing our money intentionally is HUGE.
Giving money to companies, small and large businesses, organizations, charities, banks that hold values that we share and will take care of the things and people that we love cannot be underestimated.

Dan is an elite runner and UK athletics team member who wears a GB vest in the 24 hr Ultra running format. Since electing to drop his sponsorship he has bought nothing new for the last 2+ years. He is passionate about raising awareness around over-consumption and the negative effect this has on our planets and our own health.

Previous LEJoG record holder Richard Brown (10 days and 2 hours) supported Dan Lawson to break the record with 9 Days 21 hours 14 minutes 2 seconds!
The new record has been set but you can still join & support Dan Lawson in his journey towards meaningful and long-lasting change!

LEJOG World Record Dan Lawson


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