JOGLE WR Attempt – Dan Lawson 

Dan Lawson
August 13, 2018
John O'Groats, UK
August 21, 2018
Lands End, UK

Dan started his run from John O’Groats to Lands End to beat the record of 9 days 2hrs 26mins, the phenomenal time by Andrew Rivett.

Augus 18:
Wow today was tough. 6 o clock has been the time everyday where Dan has a moment. Those last few hours are so tough. Today he said ” I’m tired and my legs hurt and I want to go to sleep” then had a little cry. About three hours later he had managed to come back round. 

August 20:
Day 7 and 85.21miles. It feels like the home stretch. 198 miles to go and two days to get to Lands End by Wednesday 23rd August 08:26 am. Dan is oh so grateful with the kindness of others. Today so many came out to run and cheer. It was beautiful. 

“It’s the journey and the dance that counts and what a dance it’s been full of love , love and more love. Andi Rivetts record is just too good for me , I’ve fallen short, I’ve not had the mental strength to tough out an incredibly hard morning. Taking a little time now to decide whether to go on and finish , and to reflect on all the wonderful people I have met over the last week.”

August 21
It’s been two days that I’ve been trying to get to Bridgewater and I’m still not there, maybe Bridgewater will forever be my nemesis. The JogLe is over for now. But it has been amazing. Really. I’ve loved it. And that’s why I run. Thank you everyone.

Dan Stopped at 880.25km.

JOGLE WR Attempt – Dan Lawson


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