30th crossing of Death Valley in 30 years – Marshall Ulrich 

Photo credits: Marshall Ulrich
20th finish in 2015
Marshall Ulrich
August 24, 2020
Badwater, CA, USA
August 27, 2020
Mt Whitney, CA, USA

“I’m excited to announce my next adventure: the Death Valley 30/30.
Thirty years ago, in 1990, I completed my first 146-mile crossing of Death Valley from Badwater to the summit of Mount Whitney. Now, 30 years later, I will attempt my 30th crossing of the Valley along the same route.”

“In addition to completing twenty Badwater races – where I always did 146 miles to the summit, as intended to complete the “lowest to highest” in honor of Al Arnold and others – additional crossings include:- a 133 mile south to north crossing of (then) DV national monument- a solo, self-contained crossing from BW to the summit- three 146 mile crossing as a part of my Badwater Quad (one crossing was part of the race)- a reverse crossing from the summit of Whitney back to BW helping a friend complete a double- a 425 mile, self-supported circumnavigation of the entire park with Dave Heckman- two 146 miles crossing from BW to the summit outside of the race. Along the way, I’ve reached the 14,505-foot summit of Mount Whitney 26 times, so I’m hoping for my 27th summit. Wish me luck. At age 69, I’ll need it!

Update August 27, 2020:
“Marshall completed his 30h crossing of Death Valley on foot 30 years after his first crossing in 1990. He did it by completing “the short course” 135 miles from the Badwater basin to the Whitney Portals yesterday morning. Made possible by crew support from Ted Williamson, me, and Dr. Bob Haugh.

Then, today, completing the 11 miles to 14,505-foot summit of Whitney! Thus, in honor of Al Arnold and so many others who came before him, completing the 146 miles from the lowest to highest points in the continental United States!!!

Dr Bob was with him, and his first call was to always and forever fellow Stray Dog teammate Mark Macy. A special and incredibly moving gift in recognition of his accomplishment was presented to him, by Dr. Bob, from his youngest child Alexandra Dowd.

Thanks to Badwater Ben Jones, Denise Jones and so many others that supported Marshall during this crossing, just as they have supported Marshall and have been dear friends – nay, family! – for 30 years.” – Heather Vose Ulrich.

Here’s the route of Marshall’s 30 achievements.

30th crossing of Death Valley in 30 years – Marshall Ulrich


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