Religious Teachers Filippini Mission Fund

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The Religious Teachers Fillippini work with the children of Ethiopia and other parts of the world to give them an education, enough to eat, good water, and the skills to become healthy and productive adults.

Founded in 1692 by Saint Lucy Filippini, the Sisters have been helping the poorest children and women survive for more than 300 years. In the past their schools and initiatives for orphans and widows were mainly due to the consequences of war. Now the times are changing and they are adapting by providing these same survival and life skills to the Child-Headed Households (CHH). Many of their graduates have gone on to set up their own restaurants or sewing shops and others have gone on to be successful in business and technology, or as teachers and nurses. The Sisters are touched when former graduates return with their families to thank the Sisters for all they have done for them.

100% of your donation actually gets to the children and none of your gift goes for administrative purposes. All donations go toward what you wish the children to have.

With support and love these kids are making a success of their lives, working at their own micro-enterprises and getting an education.

Your donation will benefit projects like building an elementary school, a women’s center, or a hostel for orphans. In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the young and most neglected children are taken into the Sisters’ hostel, keeping them together as a family. They are given food, clothing, shelter, and schooling. In the morning, all of the children come to school to receive nourishment and an education. When the boys get bigger, they will enter the Christian Brothers school in town. The older girls enter a special program where they learn a skill that allows them to provide for their siblings. Graduates will have the skills to allow them to set up their own restaurants or sewing shops; or to become successful in business and technology, or as teachers and nurses. With your help—and the courage and perseverance of the children—they will have a chance to rise above their terrible situation.

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