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If you’re seeking a unique, intimate and authentic way to experience Greece, at Greek Running Tours, luxury, gastronomy, culture and adventure coalesce into something unforgettable.

Birthplace of the marathon, and birthplace of democracy, Greece is a land where history has been created and legends made, a land where magic and mythology mix. Known for its rich culture, illustrious past, stunning beaches and extraordinary food, the list of superlatives about Greece has filled many books, ancient and modern. This is a place of dazzling sunlight, dramatic peaks and wine dark sea where the grandeur and magnificence will sweep you away and leave you mesmerized and inspired.

Here is an opportunity to explore this remarkable land on foot, immersing in the history and beauty, eating the food and experiencing legendary Greek hospitality. Along with running (and a walking option for non-runners) each day will include cultural experiences—from bread making in the mountains of Crete, to olive pressing in Kalamata—world-class accommodations, distinctive regional cuisine, and a full suite of spa and sports massage services that will titillate the senses and soothe the soul.

Each running route is distinctively designed and will be led by a local expert. Support will be provided along the way so that all you need to focus on is enjoying the running and delighting in the many captivating sights along the way.

Our tours are designed for runners and walkers of all ages and abilities in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. Experience the finest Greece has to offer at Greek Running Tours, the ultimate runcation. Discover Greece on foot and experience this timeless land in a unique and unforgettable way.

Crete Tour
Ancient and exotic, the Greek island of Crete is a world onto itself. As the largest island of Greece, you will run amongst the remnants of brilliant civilizations, marvel at the shimmering windswept sea, be swept up and captivated by impressive mountainscapes and deep gorges, and delight in the island’s legendary food and hospitality. Come and run on the island where Greek Gods still roam.

  • Group Date 1: September 23-30, 2023
  • Group Date 2: October 23-30, 2023

Athens & Hydra Island Tour
Scholars call Greece the cradle of Western Civilization, and Athens was the cultural epicenter of ancient Greece. You’ll run through those same pathways Socrates, Plato and Aristotle once roamed discussing philosophy, mathematics, astrology and science, up to the marble-white Parthenon, with a stunning panoramic view of Attica, down through the ancient Agora and Plaka to the Panhellenic Stadium, sight of the first modern Olympics. You’ll visit the seaside town of Marathon, where the father of long-distance running, Phidippides, started his fabled run to Athens that inspired the modern marathon. You’ll also visit the artistic and free-spirited island of Hydra, where cars are not allowed and all travel is by foot or donkey. The journey will come to an unforgettable conclusion at the Temple of Poseidon, constructed in 440 BC.

  • Group Date: May 13-20, 2023

Peloponnese & Ancient Olympia Tour
Birthplace of Homer, the Peloponnese region of Greece is steeped in history and abounding with natural wonder. From the craggy pine forested mountaintops of Taygetos, where the ancient Spartan fighters once trained, to the fertile vineyards and olive groves of Arcadia, to the opalescent Ionian Sea in the west, the Peloponnese is a land unto itself. And you’ll experience this magnificent region on foot, feeling the warm Mediterranean sun on your body, breathing the aromatic sage air and seeing sights that will astonish the senses and leave you in a state of contented delight. Along the way you’ll visit Ancient Olympia, birthplace of the Olympics, you’ll tour the legendary marketplace of Kalamata, where the world’s top olive oils are produced, and you’ll explore the former Greek capital of Nafplio, which is known as one of the most romantic cities on earth.

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