CTS Coaching

CTS Ultrarunning Camp
Founder: Chris Carmichael
Founder: Jason Koop

CTS originated 20 years ago with the simple idea that all athletes deserve great coaching. At the time, the endurance coaching industry was in its infancy, and CTS Founder Chris Carmichael became a driving force in the professionalization of personal coaching.

Head Coach CTS Ultrarunning Jason Koop’s life revolves around sport and the outdoors:
“I began coaching youth track and field when I was a teenager, and ever since then I have been hooked on making athletes perform at their best.”

His training approach includes all aspects of life and for him coaching is a two-way street, where he gets inspired as much by his athletes as the other way around. He also pays attention to runners’ responsibility to take care of our environment, to keep our trails and air clean, and addresses the topic in his podcast and blog.
Inspired by Dean Karnazes he ditched his car.

CTS provides coaching, camp, and event services, in pursuit of our larger vision to change lives and ultimately the world, through the power of movement, healthy habits, knowledge, and inspiration.

The world needs more movement. Even as the pace of modern life accelerates, the time people spend moving their bodies is decreasing. Schools are eliminating physical education classes and canceling after-school sports programs. Youth sports are becoming pay-to-play for-profit programs that leave millions of children and teenagers sitting on the sidelines. The car-first priorities of local and national governments makes it harder for adults to be active – and safe – in urban and suburban environments. Corporate-first workplace policies lead to longer hours, unpredictable work hours, and reduced or more expensive benefits. Soaring healthcare premiums keep people from seeing doctors to treat illnesses and injuries that prevent them from staying or becoming more active. 

We believe in the power of movement to change lives. Through our work with athletes and business and government leaders, we share this belief and create the proof these influential leaders can feel, see, and experience. When you change one life it has cascading effects through the lives touched by that person. It is difficult for people who lack movement in their lives to place a high priority on the accessibility and opportunity for movement in the lives of those around them. When exercise and healthy habits, supported by knowledge and inspiration, lead to positive changes in a person’s life, it is difficult for them not to make movement a high priority for those they care about.

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