Croix Sather 

CROIX SATHER: World Record Champion Badwater solo. Dream big, act big.
Nationality: USA

After being hit by a drunk driver as a kid, doctors said he was not supposed to live, let alone run.

In just 2 years, Croix went from being a non-runner to a World Record Champion.
In 2011 he ran 2,621 miles across America in 100 days, combined with an inspirational speaker tour.

In 2012 he broke the 13-year-old world record for the Badwater Solo Self-Contained Ultramarathon of ultra running legend Marshall Ulrich. He ran 146 miles solo unassisted run through Death Valley in August at 117 degrees, crushing the world record by almost 5 hours.

In his book Dream big, act big Croix shares what it really takes to succeed BIG. In this intensely inspiring and powerful book, you will learn what it takes to truly transform your life into an extraordinary success story!


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