World Wildlife Day

March 3
March 3, 2022

Let us remind ourselves of our duty to preserve and sustainably use the vast variety of life on the planet.
Let us push for a more caring, thoughtful and sustainable relationship with nature.
António Guterres

World Wildlife Day is a celebration of the beautiful variety of wild fauna and flora and to raise awareness about the multiple benefits they provide to people. 

But it’s also a reminder of the urgent need to step up the fight against wildlife crime and human-induced reduction of species and focus on preserving and restoring biodiversity.

Animals and plants that live in the wild contribute to the ecosystem and human well-being and are essential for sustainable development of the planet and our future in environmental, social and economic sense.

Over a million species are threatened with extinction.

World Wildlife Day 2022 highlights the need to reverse the fate of the most critically endangered species, to support the restoration of their habitats and ecosystems and to promote their sustainable use by humanity.

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