Trans South America Run – Richard Donovan 

Richard Donovan
April 27, 2017
San Clemente del Tuyú, Argentina
May 31, 2017
Playa Las Conchitas, La Greda

Starting on 27 April 2017 at San Clemente del Tuyú in Argentina, beside the Atlantic ocean, Richard Donovan averaged more than 55km per day, to finish 1800 km later at Playa Las Conchitas, La Greda, on the Pacific Ocean on 31 May.

After completing transcontinental runs across North America in 2015 (5000K) and Europe in 2016 (3000K) Richard added the Trans South American Run to his list in the following year.

The 51-year-old ultrarunner from Galway, Ireland, crossed the Andes at altitudes of more than 10,000 feet.

“The most difficult aspect of the run was not the Andes, but the traffic in Argentina on roads with little or no hard shoulder, Richard explains. “Cars, trucks and buses would travel at very high speed and within inches of hitting me,” he said.

The accomplished runner and race organizer also had to deal with other challenges, like urinating blood a few days before completing the challenge.”

“Although I’ve never considered giving up in any of these runs, it doesn’t mean my body hasn’t wanted to, but the idea of it being finished in a few weeks rather than months is less taxing on the brain.

“They get easier with experience, which correlates with age. You get better at actually not looking at the big picture, but just each day ahead.”

Through the years Richard has been fundraising for Irish Schools Athletics and inspired many kids to explore the world and their limits.

Trans South America Run – Richard Donovan


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