Trans North America Run II – Richard Donovan 

Richard Donovan
April 18, 2022
Boston, USA
July 31, 2022
San Francisco, USA

On April 18 Richard Donovan kicked off his Trans USA Run with the Boston Marathon.
During his 3 month-adventure he will cross 14 states, east to west, until he reaches San Francisco Bay.
An amazing effort as he went through 4 years of knee pain, resulting in having both his knees replaced. The last surgery was just one year ago, so little time for proper training.

But luckily the 56-year old Richard has a lifelong experience of running on all continents in all sorts of seasons and circumstances, including 3 cross-continental runs.

Richard will be running in honor of Alvin Matthews, a runner who had completed the Antarctic Ice Marathon and North Pole Marathon, but was paralyzed in a tragic work-related accident.

Six years ago Richard ran across the USA to raise money for Alvin’s recovery.
Last year Alvin made plans for his completion of the Grand Slam but he died unexpectedly in his sleep.

“This run is more about his memory,” Richard says. I’ll be running with some of his ashes, in a pendant, and his mother has a charity, the Triumph Foundation, which helps people with spinal injuries.

“The measure of Alvin’s inner strength is how he dealt with the cruel blow of paralysis.
Against all odds, he taught himself to achieve every ounce of independence he could win back from the circumstances that would have overcome the strongest among us. His spirit rose above the trap his body had become. He was a star,” Richard remembers.

Trans North America Run II – Richard Donovan


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