Great Indian Golden Quadrilateral Run for HOPE – Sufia Kahn 

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Sufia Kahn
December 16, 2020
Delhi, India
April 6, 2021
Mumbai, India

On February 2, 2020, Indian ultrarunner runner Sufia Kahn posted on social media: “I am Running The Great Indian Quadrilateral Road to spread the message of HOPE. Join me anywhere and let’s make it together.”

Sufiya started running in 2017, and turned her love for running into a mission for Humanity-Oneness-Peace-Equality.
She ran her first 16-day journey for humanity in 2018 and is unstoppable.

In 2019 she set a Guinness World Record for First & Fastest Female to Run from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India.

She started her third expedition to explore and spread positive vibes on February 8 from the India Gate in her hometown New Delhi.

This time Sufiya took The Great Indian Golden Quadrilateral Road, which passes through 12 States and connects our Four Metro Cities Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai in a quadrilateral shape.

The goal was to cover 50K a day and run a total of 6000 miles in 150 days to set a new Guinness World Record.

Sufia devoted her life to run for HOPE (Humanity, Oneness, Peace, Equality) to share positivity and bring people together through running. She wants to contribute to a society where everyone is equal, healthy, loved, respected and happy.
In Sufiya’s words ” Whatever changes we want to see in our society, we need to share the same with each other. I think there is no better way to do that, than through running together.”

“The beauty of this journey is how complete strangers become good friends,” Sufia says.

But Corona hits us all and on March 23, after 45 days of running, Sufia had to pause her adventure around India with the promise to be back soon to run her message of HOPE…

Sufia successfully completed the Golden Quadrilateral run on her second attempt which she started in December 2020. She ran more than 6,000 KMs across the Golden Quadrilateral in a record time of 110days and 23 hours. broke the previous Guinness World Record by over 82days!

Photo by Mohd Aram

Great Indian Golden Quadrilateral Run for HOPE – Sufia Kahn


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