Running Malawi – Brendan Rendall 

Brendan Rendall
June 29, 2016
Chitipa, Malawi
July 25, 2016
Marka, Malawi

By running the distance of 27 marathons in 27 days Brendan Rendall completed his challenge of covering the full length of Malawi on 25th July 2016.

“The aim of the run was to explore one of my favorite countries in the world but also to raise money for the charity FOMO, enabling them to build a science, agriculture, and art block for their secondary school. This is a thank you to the children that first inspired me back in 2009, Brendan explains.”

“On June 29th I set of from Chitipa, North West Malawi, 27 days later and 708 miles covered, I ran into Marka in the South. Running the full length of Malawi was equivalent to running 27 marathons in 27 days. It’s been an emotional, inspiring and incredible adventure.” – Brendan Rendall.

Running Malawi 2016 – Highlights:

  • Being the first person to run the full length of Malawi
  • Rough camping along the route at school grounds
  • Distributing sports equipment to the schools where we camped
  • Children from local schools and villages joining me en-route
  • Visiting the plot and ‘breaking ground’ for a new school building that the run has funded with your much appreciated support

Friends of Mulanje Orphans (FOMO) is a community-based orphan care program supporting over 4,500 children through a network of 14 centers in Mulanje district of Malawi. FOMO covers all aspects of the children’s welfare including health through our outreach clinic, formal and informal education, food security and production.

The program also covers pre-school, out-of-school activities and further learning through our playschools, computer, driving and tailoring schools. The program also covers the provision of school materials, personal items (Soap, clothes, blankets, and mosquito nets).

Running Malawi – Brendan Rendall


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