Draa Expedition- Alice Morrison 

Alice Morrison
January 9, 2019
Ouarzazate, Morocco
March 26, 2019
Cap Draa, Morocco

BBC2 presenter Alice Morrison was the first woman to walk the 1,100 kilometres (680 mi) length of the Draa, Morocco’s longest river, from source to sea to discover what happens when nature’s water supply runs out.

During a 1500km long expedition in 2019 that took Alison 81 days; 80 days of walking and one day of rest, she explored effects that climate change is having on the environment and on 225,000 residents and nomads that live in the Draa Valley.
Alison was accompanied by Brahim Ahalfi (Expedition Leader), Brahim Boutkhoum (Guide and Cook) and Addi Bin Youssef (Camelteer).

The Draa Valley stretches from the the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara Desert.
The water from the Draa is used to irrigate palm groves and small farms along the river. Dates are the main product, but also cereals, vegetables and henna are cultivated.
But a large part of the Draa river falls dry for most of the year.

The valley is know for its kasbahs, fortresses that protected privileged buildings such as a palace and amenities such as a mosque and a hammam (bathhouse).

It was a voyage of discovery during which Alice found a lost city, investigated the ancient pre-historic bird monuments.

Draa Expedition- Alice Morrison


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