Common grounds – Anthony Pavkovich, Dave Laufenberg, Zach Altman 

Image by David Mark
Anthony Pavkovich, Dave Laufenberg, Zach Altman
July 10, 2017
Bozeman, Mt, USA
July 16, 2017
Red Lodge, Mt, USA

In the Summer of 2017, three friends set off on a week-long journey from Bozeman to Red Lodge, Montana, USA.

They decided to run to have and inspire adventure, and to draw attention to the importance of the common space surrounding Yellowstone National Park.

Their journey spanned 240 miles across the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the largest intact ecosystem in the lower forty-eight, showing the beauty and prestige of the lands while working to keep public lands public by building awareness and community.

“We ran across the places we call home,” they said.
“Across the United States, a movement has begun to sell off our public lands. Despite strong public opinion, legislators and lobbyists are working with unprecedented eagerness to transfer public lands to private interests. Without engagement and action, our commons may disappear.”

Watch the full film, made by Eli Tianse Abeles-Allison.

Common grounds – Anthony Pavkovich, Dave Laufenberg, Zach Altman


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