100 MARATHONS IN 100 DAYS – Mina Guli 

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Mina Guli
November 4, 2018
New York, NY, USA
February 11, 2019
New York, NY, USA

Water advocate and ultra-runner Mina Guli took on an epic challenge to shine a spotlight on the global water crisis:

Mina’s challenge started at the New York City Marathon on the 4th of November, before heading off to run across Europe (UK, France, Italy), Uzbekistan, India, China, Hong Kong, Dubai, the Middle East (Jordan, Palestine, Israel) and South Africa. She then headed to Australia before crossing the USA and finishing her 100-day journey back where she started in New York on the 11th of February.

#RunningDry is a call to each of us to save water and to join together to change the way that we all use, consume and think about water. After 62 marathons in 62 days, Mina ran so hard she broke her leg… But that didn’t stop the #RunningDry movement – it made it stronger.

Water is everything, but we treat it as if it’s nothing.

Water is everything, but we treat it as if it’s nothing. – Mina Guli

Our planet’s water resources are under extreme stress. Experts predict that by 2030 our demand for water will be 40% greater than the supplies available. We are literally #RunningDry.

We can’t continue like this. We owe the next generation a better planet. We need to act: now.

Each one of us has the power to help solve our world’s water crisis. Whether it’s turning off the tap when we brush our teeth, reducing our food waste, or innovating new ways to save water, every action matters and every drop counts. Individually we can make an impact. Together we can change the world.

We want to make saving water famous. To create a global community of water-conscious citizens who care about water, and are willing to act to avert the global water crisis.

We need to make saving water not just the right thing to do, but the only thing to do.

The more people that know about the global water crisis, the more people who care about water, the greater the changes we can make.

100 MARATHONS IN 100 DAYS – Mina Guli


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