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Impact Marathon Foundation project
Founder: Nick Kershaw

The Impact Marathon Series was born from a dream that we could use the simple power of running to uplift communities and empower runners all over the world. In 2015, we turned our dream into a reality, taking Impact Marathon to Nepal. Living in a Nepali village, we undertook the challenge of building a 5km water pipeline to the community, before lacing up our shoes and running our own race – it was then we realized we have the power to change people’s lives forever.

When the United Nations announced the 17 Global Goals in 2015, we were just starting up Impact Marathon. We looked at these Goals – the future of the planet – and were inspired by one key concept; how do you make these understandable and relatable to an individual?

What does ‘No Poverty’ mean in a Malawian fishing village? What does Gender Equality look like in Kathmandu, Nepal? To us, the Goals are huge and depict the challenge of our generation. To some, they are immeasurable and vague. To others, they are completely alien.

Throughout the Impact process, from the organizations we choose to support, to the way we engage and interact with the projects and the communities, our goal is to take the impalpable and make it real. To take our runners on a journey where they can find out what Impact really means – the direct Impact we can create, as well as how our lives indirectly have an impact that creates ripples across the world. To take a runner and make them an Impact Runner.

Over the last seven years, we have created 18 entirely unique events, which have taken us deep into the culture of some incredible countries. Impact Runners have united over a shared passion to explore new trails and a hunger to make a difference to the lives of others.
Since then, our races have raised $1.2m for grassroots organizations, tackling The Global Goals in their community.

Empowered community
The Impact Marathon Foundation does not create projects, we support those who already work with passion in their communities.  We build experiences from the ground up, creating unforgettable and life changing events, so we can provide unrestricted funding for our partners.

We work with extraordinary organizations whose primary focus is tackling the biggest issues in each country. During your week with us, you will be engaging in projects led and created by the community, with each one specifically chosen to help take that country one step closer to achieving its Global Goals.

“When a group of positive, energized people come together with a common purpose,
not only do we achieve great things but we make great friends.
We arrive as individuals, and we finish the week as one tight community.”
Nick Kershaw, Founder & Ceo, Impact Marathon Series

It’s that combination of travelling to an extraordinary location, engaging in community projects that are led by the community and set to catalyse huge change whilst also knowing that you are going to be running a race that will challenge you to dig deeper than you have ever dug. 

But the glue that brings all this together is the incredible groups of Impact Runners that we have the privilege to host. When a group of positive, energised humans come together with a common purpose, not only do we achieve great things but we make great friends. We arrive as a whole load of individuals, and we finish the week as one tight community who have gone on a powerful journey together. 

In seven years, Impact Marathon has grown considerably, with races in six different countries (and more in the pipeline) and a community of over 400 runners, many of whom are already on their 2nd & 3rd races with us.

Charity partners:

Seres – Guatemala
Great leaders inspire real change, they catalyze development and unite communities. We can’t tackle Climate Change without them. They are the ones who will make the hard decisions and stand up for our planet.

Childreach – Nepal
The frontline in the prevention of trafficking is not at the border, it is in the school systems, the community leaders and the children themselves. This is where Childreach Nepal is working.

Naturally Africa – Malawi
Healthcare to agriculture. School support to waste management. Naturally Africa is an organisation driving change in one community and, along the way, creating a blueprint for others to recreate.

Burns Violence Survivors – Nepal
A small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world – despite being a small team the impact they have touches thousands across Nepal, tackling both the present problem as well as the the long term solutions.

Caras Alegres – Guatemala
An after school group providing a powerful support network that ensures the children and youth of the community are safe, off the streets and developing their skill sets.

Five Talents – Kenya
Enabling enterprising individuals to set up small businesses by providing business training alongside savings & micro-loan facilities.

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