Karno Kids

Dean Karnazes Running America
Founder: Dean Karnazes

Dean Karnazes’ foundation Karno Kids was formed in response to the deteriorating health of the US nation. The KARNO KIDS FOUNDATION aspires to inspire our youth and their families to live healthier and active lives.

“The costs of our inactivity and poor diet are staggering, not just in terms of direct medical costs, but in quality of life,” Dean says.
His expeditions are largely a wake-up call that we need to take back our health.

Karno Kids is dedicated to this mission, and the contributions raised will go directly to those organizations that support this goal.
Not only does Karno Kids fund programs that support this mission, but it also supports environmental initiatives that provide places for future outside activity, and by working with local and state governments to get Physical Education back into schools, so that “no child is left inside.”

His Endurance 50 supported Girls on the Run, a nonprofit organization motivates girls to activate their limitless potential, pursue their dreams and be joyful, healthy and confident through running. “Physical Education is being cut from our schools at an alarming pace, and Girls on the Run provides an outlet for young, primarily at-risk inner city girls to experience the joys and freedom of running,” Dean explains.

During his Run across America Dean partnered with Action for Healthy Kids, a US  nonprofit and volunteer network fighting childhood obesity and undernourishment. Action for Healthy Kids helps schools become healthier places and teaches kids to eat right, be active every day and ready to learn.
Being an advocate for physical activity and healthy eating as well, Michelle Obama was inspired by Dean and invited him to the Whitehouse when he passed along on his run.

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