A Rebel and a Runner

a-rebel-and-a-runner - Rory Coleman
Rory Coleman

“They say there’s a book in all of us and here’s mine to prove just that. It’s taken me a couple of years to write and I’m already getting some great feedback from those that have bought advance signed copies.

‘A Rebel and a Runner’ is a 164pp paperback book about my life and adventures of being an Ultra-Runner. It’s an honest account of 22 years of extreme running that covers nearly 1,000 marathons, 13 Marathon des Sables and 9 Guinness World Records.

If you are looking for inspiration for your next event, you’ll find it here as it covers the highs and lows of my life journey. It’s not all about running, it’s about overcoming addiction and becoming the real person that lies within,” Rory Coleman.

‘If you have entered the Marathon des Sables, Rory Coleman is the only choice for coaching, advice and all round expertise when it comes to preparing for the event. His knowledge of the race is unsurpassable and his book is a great insight into what’s needed to complete it.’ – Sir Ranulph Fiennes

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