San Fernando

wetlands Philippines

San Fernando is a Philippines city in Pampanga province near Manila, that was named after King Ferdinand VI of Spain.
It’s known for celebrating the world’s longest Christmas season from September 1 until January 9 with traditional Christmas parol lanterns.

The railway station, now a museum, was the end point of the World War II Bataan Death March. The Candaba Wetlands attract rare bird species.

The Candaba Wetlands consist of freshwater ponds and grasslands that are flooded during the wet season. During the dry season between November and April the swamp is used as farmland to grow watermelons and rice. The soil is very fertile because of its sustained deposits of humus and decaying plant residues.

The 32,000 ha area attracts rare bird species.
The Wetlands are a showcase of traditional farming practices and its irrigation management is considered as a sustainable natural heritage strategy to conserve biodiversity.


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